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Nutrition Breakthrough This New Cutting Edge Formula May be the Muscle Building Breakthrough of 2017

By Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder |

Did you know that most guys that are trying to add muscle end up gaining as much as 30 lbs and then cut down to a net gain of only 2-3 lbs of lean mass?... Some have even shown net loss in muscle.

Not an effective strategy.

Listen, it’s time to ditch the broscience and outdated “bulk... & cut” - approach to muscle building.

If you’d rather see your abs year-round, and skip the misery of dieting down after bulking up, then I suggest you take out a notepad, put away all distractions and pay attention...

Now, what I’m about to tell you isn’t some miracle supplement or some gimmicky fad diet. It’s just THE diet that the most advanced pro athletes and hollywood physiques use when its time to add some serious muscle, fast (while staying shredded at the same time).

Don’t get me wrong, this diet still takes work. Yet it will completely eliminate plateaus, and ensures you enjoy a 6-pack year round WHILE packing on muscle mass faster than you ever dreamed possible… and you get to eat some the foods you love almost every day.

You probably know by now, that the amount of pure muscle you can pack on depends almost entirely on your hormones. Its no secret, right?

Learning to maximize natural hormone levels with proper nutrition is essential to getting huge... and its not really complicated. It just takes an understanding of a few simple things.

Body composition is typically dictated — for most people — by genetics. But once you understand what I’m about to share with you, YOU will know how to control your “gene expression” and manipulate your body composition at will. And as you’ll see in a second, the most important factor to long term muscle growth is body composition.

“Bulking” — as it’s understood in most bro-science circles — is simply a BAD idea.

You literally KILL the hormonal environment responsible for making your muscles grow!...

What I’m about to reveal are the 4 simple things that MUST happen if you want to pack on maximum muscle as quickly as possible. And they do NOT include letting yourself get fat. So listen up.

My name is Ben Pakulski, and in my quest to become one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the world — despite less than ideal genetics — I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. And the proprietary muscle building nutrition strategy I reveal below literally beats ANY other “bulking” approach — hands down, and I’ve got 100’s of clients to prove it.

You’re about to get a peek behind the curtains of the EXACT strategy I use to pack on massive new “stage weight” for a show, while still showing my abs at the beach year round…

However, I should warn you… what I’m about to tell you probably goes against everything you’ve ever been told about packing on muscle fast. So if you’re not ready to absorb some cutting edge NEW hypertrophy knowledge bombs… You might as well stop reading now…

Muscle Gains
Lean Bulking Secret #1 AVOID Killing Your Anti-Hunger Hormone

At first, bulking will probably seem fun. You stuff your face and laugh at your friends who are dieting and “eating clean”.

However, before long you are fighting to choke down the food you’re supposed to be eating. And that’s because of a hormone called leptin…

Leptin responds directly to your food consumption and — more importantly — the insulin spike that results.

When you eat, your fat cells produce leptin to signal you to stop eating. Leptin production is even stronger with high insulin and high fat meals. So when you are constantly overfeeding, your body is basically fighting against you with this hormone signal that destroys your appetite.

Wait, it gets a lot worse...

If your leptin stays high for too long (from overeating), you can actually get something called leptin resistance. This is a can of worms you don’t want to open...

Basically, your cells stop hearing the signal that leptin sends.

Without the leptin signal, you enter a state where satisfaction can never be found. You never feel full. Now, that may sound like a good idea for a bulk, but this doesn’t happen two weeks in, it happens right about the time your bodyfat gets high and its time to start dieting down. Sounds fun right? You’re ALWAYS hungry, just when it’s time to diet or risk having your love handles sagging over your pants.

Lean Bulking Secret #2 NEVER Grow Man-Boobs Instead of Muscle

Did you know that bulking the wrong way, you could end up with soft, flabby and embarrassing “man-boobs”?

I know, this doesn’t sound like something you will ever get. But thats what all these guys said before they unknowingly consumed estrogenic foods that drove their sex drive into the ground and they’re boobs into Double D’s.

As you continue to bulk the wrong way, and your insulin resistance increases, you’ll start putting on more and more body fat.

More body fat increases the amount of aromatase enzyme — created in your fat cells. Aromatase is the nasty enzyme your body uses to steal testosterone and other androgens — natural or synthetic — and turn them into estrogens.

So aromatase is actually taking your strongest muscle-building hormone — testosterone — and turning it into a fat storing, man-boob-causing, sugar craving-inducing hormone!

Basically, you need to get on a diet just to become a man again. Have fun with that.

There are drugs out there that combat aromatase, but a little kicker is that most of them actually cause suppression of growth hormone, IGF-1, and knock out sexual performance. No guy wants to end up pushing rope, so dont even go there.

You’re going to need all of your testosterone, Growth Hormone, IGF-1 and insulin working properly if you want to pack on lots of muscle!

[...BTW — We’ve only made it to number 2 and you’ve already lost all 4 of your necessary hormones for building muscle due to traditional bulking methods… Don’t worry, keep reading and I’ll give you my number one essential tip to intelligent muscle building nutrition. Even if you’re simply looking to add a few lbs of muscle, this is going to explode your results AND show you how to KEEP them...].

Lean Bulking Secret #3 Avoid Deactivating Your Post-Workout Anabolic Window

Excess body-fat increases low grade inflammation.

Short bursts of inflammation, like those produced during training, are necessary in order to signal the recruitment of satellite cells, stimulate growth factors to be released, and to activate the recovery process.

Without this inflammation in the post workout Anabolic Window, we would get no new muscle cells.

However, constant low grade inflammation jacks up cortisol and makes it harder for you to initiate muscle repair, because you become resistant to the signaling process. This is because it’s always on, like a constant nag, and so your body begins to ignore it.

As a result, your adrenal glands work overtime cranking out cortisol and keeping you fat. You have a difficult time sleeping and recovery from workouts is in the dumps.

That’s why my personal bulking system I reveal on the next page is so powerful. It completely eliminates the fat gain associated with traditional bulking… so you can build muscle indefinitely without all the nasty side effects.

Lean Bulking Secret #4 Don’t Ruin Your #1 Muscle Building Hormone

To put lots of muscle on fast, you need a lot of insulin, which you get from eating high amounts of well timed carbs.

These high surges of insulin help drive the glucose and amino acids you need to recover into the muscle cells. As your muscle cells become saturated with glycogen from dietary carbs, they become very full, and your pumps and vascularity are epic. Your workout performance is at an all time high.

The catch is that the more saturated your glycogen levels, the less insulin sensitive they are. That means that insulin can no longer do it’s job properly, because your cells aren’t responding the way they should.

So high insulin periods, although extremely good for packing on mass, have a risk of nasty potential side effects. This is where an intelligent approach to your nutrition becomes so vital to your continuous muscle growth.

Increased body-fat inevitably leads to insulin resistance. This means more work for your pancreas and less nutrients able to enter muscle cells. This is why eating the wrong carbs at the wrong times can result in making you fat — fast. And kill your muscle building...

Conversely, high insulin sensitivity is your best friend when bulking because it means you can pack more nutrients into your muscles for insane growth!...

Which leads to my #1 Intelligent Bulking Tip : You must learn how to “cycle” periods of extremely high and extremely low carbs and calories according to YOUR body composition and current hormonal profile.

This is the ONLY way to consistently maximize your ability to build lean muscle quickly, without gaining fat.

If you do it right, you can easily expect to pack on as much as 14 lbs of muscle in your first 4 weeks using the plan I describe on the next page — yes, I said 14 POUNDS of muscle — and up to 30 lbs in 12 weeks.

Fact is, all 4 of the critical muscle-building requirements revealed on this page are covered in my ground-breaking cyclical bulking program I call the Incredible Bulk. It’s based on the very latest scientific understanding of biochemistry and nutritional science. And it finally busts the myth that bulking up requires giving up on your abs for 8 months every year!

This is the reason my high-level bodybuilder and physique-athlete clients can pack on more muscle, in a shorter time, than they’ve ever experienced before… while always being only 2 to 3 weeks from a “camera ready” body.


Any muscle-building expert will agree… packing on serious mass requires extreme levels of calories. Yet most fail to understand that sustained high-calorie and high-carb eating will quickly KILL your muscle building.

Truth is, if you're still 100% sold on the traditional “Forever Bulk” approach of stuffing your face with everything in sight in order to build muscle, please do NOT waste your time with my Incredible Bulk solution.

However, if you'd like to learn exactly how this solution works, just click the "Next Page" button below and in JUST 4 weeks from now you’ll easily experience up to 14 lbs of lean muscle gain, while maintaining or even decreasing your body fat percentage!

Just go to the next page and I'll let you in on this science-based Cyclical Bulking secret that will get you bigger, faster, without the nasty side-effects to your health, or the ugly blubber of traditional bulking…